We love skateboarding. Everyone should love skateboarding.

Community East is a social enterprise created to provide opportunities for people of all ages, genders, backgrounds and abilities to improve their physical health & mental wellbeing through skateboarding, art and all other related avenues.

Our first goal is to build a safe, indoor space where people can learn & progress in a controlled environment with fully-trained skateboard coaches. Please keep your eyes on our news pages for developments.

We are also committed to the skate scene in Norwich and the surrounding areas of Norfolk & North Suffolk. With over 30 years of combined skate experience, our directors can support you in getting parks built in your town/village, supporting events to raise awareness of skateboarding in your area and providing coaching sessions for local schools/community groups. Please do get in touch.

To donate to our cause please visit our funding page.

Many thanks, 

Ash & Sam